Wahi Ho’omalu ‘O Wailuku

Wahi Ho’omalu ‘O Wailuku is Maui County’s temporary emergency shelter in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Us

“When Maui County was first hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, my primary concern was for the well-being of our people,” Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino said Monday. “Our unsheltered residents were among the most vulnerable to the impacts of the virus, and we needed to develop a project that would assist this community.” “The pallet homes have given these residents not only a safe place to sleep at night with a roof over their head, but also the services and support they need to succeed long-term.”


Wahi Ho’omalu ‘O Wailuku is a temporary shelter that is open until March 2021. Each unit is 64-square-feet with two beds, air conditioning, electrical outlets and a designated parking space on the park’s premises. 24-hour security also is provided, as well as a mobile trailer equipped with showers, bathrooms and laundry services.

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